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Working for us
About the job

Becoming a self employed chat operator with Excel Telemedia brings the chance of some great cash.

Working on our phone line, you can earn anything up to 18p per minute depending on the time of day you work. At our peak hours, you could be making £10.80 an hour on our phone chat service.

On our webcam service, the earning chances are even higher. We pay a flat rate of 25p per minute no matter when you work. That's a guaranteed £15 for an hours work. Another great bonus with our webcam service is the chance of unlimited earnings! When you have a conversation with a customer, that call could then be made available for other customers to watch. We pay you 5p for every minute of conversation a customer watches, so if a 5 minute video of you is watched 200 times, that's an extra £50 you've earned! You don't need to be logged on for them to be able to watch your video conversations, so you could be earning while you are asleep! What other job can offer you that?

All in all, you can see we can offer you great earning opportunities whichever of our service(s) you choose to work on. We pay you every two weeks straight into your bank account so you don't have to worry about receiving a cheque, the money is right there in your account every two weeks. If you have any more questions about this, you can call us free phone on 0800 075 9750 and one of our friendly team will explain anything you wish and send you out an information pack if you wish to apply


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